*Sneak Peeks*

Its been wayyy too long.

Just felt like sharing a few trailers/previews of upcoming films you will want to see soon!

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, or if you just like watching trailers!, here’s the first trailer for

Quentin Tarantino’s

“Django Unchained”

I’ll also be seeing The Hobbit, but other than that, I don’t have much excitement for any of the other ‘mainstream’ American releases this month. (Gangster Squad is in January and The Great Gatsby was pushed back to May. :/ )

However, if you’re into foreigns (!), this one, “Barbara”, is one from Germany and looks like a great acting piece. Supposedly, the Germans have been coming up with some really cool films recently, so I’m trying to catch up with the newest of their creations LOL and this will be playing at the UCI Edwards Theater soon, I think.

and now for some Romanian love:

This is a trailer for a new film “Usturoi” (Garlic) which I’m curious about:

USTUROI from E-Motions Films on Vimeo.

And of course, Cristian Mungui‘s newest film, “Dupa Dealuri (Beyond the Hills” (2012) which I was going to see at the AFI Fest but missed out on! 😦 So I’m waiting for Netflix…. 😦 He’s a brilliant director! And at the forefront of the “Romanian New Wave” of cinema!!! If you like a film that lingers in your thoughts days after you’ve seen it and presents you with a raw “realism” in the dialogue and cinematography, this is for you! 🙂