If You Want Some Laughs…

sit back with a friend or two and watch “Mary and Max” (2009) together. (It’s on Netflix!)

Yes, it’s clay-mation (clay animation). All of it was wonderful and I had a great time watching and rolling around in laughter.

It’s clever, especially in how it deals with a lot of somber, heavy topics with a light-hearted attitude. The clay animation also adds to that comical, light feeling in the film. You just can’t help but notice the little details that make everything so adorable and more visually fun than had it been filmed in “real-life”.

Mary & Max are pen-pals who both just want a real friend; their writings to each other helps them grow through the years and deal with all of the miserable situations in their lives. (how’s that for a succint summary?!)

It’s pretty hilarious and not meant to be taken too seriously, despite the variety of depressing topics it brings up. I know it looks grey and dismal (i like to think that the brown & grey themes merely help to illustrate the personalities of the two main characters), but it’s actually a great stylistic choice.

Watching this last night was a pleasant surprise since I had never heard of it before, so…..Thank you Claudia for sharing this gem of a movie!