Trois Couleurs

“Bleu” (1993) dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski

The first in Kieslowski’s trilogy, the film revolves around the first in the French national motto, the idea of “liberté”. It is a strange liberation…caused by the death of her daughter and husband. Julie wishes to leave behind all she knows of life, after the tragic accident, and cease all connection with others, but is that clean-cut escape merely a delusion? Perhaps Kieslowski is hesitant to believe in a complete, pure and isolated (regarding an influence on others/by others) liberté.

One of my favorites scenes is the one(s) where Julie swims alone in an illuminated pool.

There is a scene in which Julie sees a television show about bungee jumpers hesitantly jumping off the edge of a tall bridge or building but being held, obviously, by the springy wire that eventually pulls them back up and doesn’t allow them to fall ‘all the way’. It is a simple depiction of Julie’s crisis: attempting to fully fall and detach herself from everything she knew of life before the accident. However, other people continue to disrupt her attempt at isolation and nothingness.


There is also a lot of focus on sound, especially as the film points to the soundtrack with blackouts and other plays of the camera. To tie in with the story, Julie’s late husband had been a composer but his unfinished latest work had actually seem to be composed by her, and it is this piece of music that haunts her throughout the film, and is one of the ways that she is unable to cut the cord from her ‘previous’ life.

I’m still finishing up watching the rest of the trilogy, there are several ongoing motifs and scenes that connect the 3 films. The trilogy is a new favorite of mine, and a modern French/Polish classic. They’re on Youtube! :p